When Does Six Flags Close for the Season

As the leaves start to turn and the weather begins to cool, many people are gearing up for their favourite time of year – fall! With autumn comes exciting events like pumpkin patches, hayrides, and visits to amusement parks. For many people, visiting Six Flags is a quintessential part of the season. But as summer turns into fall, it’s important to stay aware of when these amusement parks close for the season. Knowing when Six Flags shuts down its doors can help ensure that you get the most out of your trip before it’s too late. So when does Six Flags close for the season?

Six Flags Season Overview

Six Flags is a chain of amusement parks located in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Each park operates independently and has its own operating calendar. The closing date for each location varies according to local weather conditions and other factors, such as public events or holidays. Generally speaking, Six Flags closes down sometime in November or December each year to prepare for the winter months. 

The exact closing date may depend on a few variables. For example, the warmer climate of California locations means that those parks may open later in the spring and close earlier in the fall than other states with more extreme weather. Additionally, some parks may offer events or special activities only during certain times of the year; these could also be considered when deciding when to visit a particular park. 

Six Flags locations are generally open from late March or early April through mid-November. Each park’s website should have detailed information about upcoming closings and special events throughout the season so you can plan your visits accordingly. 

What is Six Flags Season?

Six Flags Season is an annual, all-access pass to enjoy the thrills and fun of Six Flags amusement park. With a Six Flags Season Pass, guests can enjoy unlimited visits to any Six Flags theme park in the United States and select water parks and attractions. There are several different types of passes available, from an individual pass for one person to a Gold Plus Membership which includes up to six people and admission to over 25 parks nationwide in the USA and 2 in Canada and Mexico. Depending on the pass type, guests may also receive special benefits such as free parking, discounts on food and merchandise, exclusive ride times, and more. With a Six Flags Season Pass, there’s something for everyone!

Season Pass Time of Validity

Validity of Season Passes

The typical validity period for a Season Pass begins on the day it is purchased and ends on December 31 of the same year. Some Season Passes could have expiry dates in the year after the calendar year in which they were acquired, depending on the promotions currently available when the Season Pass is purchased. Despite the preceding, a Season Pass will officially expire on the date specified in the web portal for that Season Pass at sixflags.com/pass. In case of a discrepancy between the Season Pass expiration date listed in the online portal and the expiration date indicated by Guest Relations, the latter date shall apply. Season Passes are valid for the specified number of visits through the “valid until” date associated with that Season Pass.

Validity of Membership

All Six Flags Memberships begin on the date the first monthly payment is made and end when the Membership is cancelled or otherwise terminated. The Membership Agreement of the Pass Holder specifies the terms and conditions for terminating Membership.

Validity of Single-Day Ticket

If you buy a single-day ticket to Six Flags, you can only enter the park on the specified date. However, if you buy an “any day” ticket, you can enter the park once on any public operating day throughout the season that you bought the ticket for.

When Does Six Flags Close for the Season?

Six Flags is one of the world’s largest chains of theme parks, boasting locations across North America, Europe and South America. With roller coasters, water slides, live entertainment, and more, it’s no wonder that Six Flags is a favourite destination for families, thrill-seekers and vacationers alike. But when does Six Flags close for the season? 

The answer to this question depends on which location you are visiting, as each park has its own schedule. Generally speaking, most Six Flags locations close around November or December each year – usually right after Thanksgiving. Some parks may stay open a little later during Christmas or even New Year’s Eve if they’re offering special holiday events or activities. 

In terms of opening times, most parks begin operating around April or May, depending on their location and the weather. For instance, some California locations may open earlier due to warmer temperatures, while other northern states might open their doors later due to cooler climates. This means that guests can expect to visit Six Flags for seven months out of the year – from April through October – with some parks staying open for an extra month or two in November or December as well. 

It’s important to remember that certain attractions may be closed at certain times throughout the year for maintenance and safety reasons, so it’s always a good idea to check ahead of time to ensure your favourite rides will be available when you visit. Additionally, ticket prices are likely cheaper during off-peak hours, such as weekdays instead of weekends or early morning before regular operating hours begin.

Benefits of Being a Six Flags Member

Being a Six Flags Member comes with various benefits, including exclusive access to discounts and offers. As a Member, you can save up to 50% on admission tickets, park merchandise and food & beverage purchases. You will also receive discounts on season passes, group tickets and other special events. Plus, you’ll get exclusive access to special promotions and early access to new rides before they open to the public. Members can also enjoy complimentary parking at all Six Flags parks and free admission for up to three friends with each visit. With these great perks, it’s easy to see why being a Six Flags Member is worth it!

Taking Advantage of Special Offers and Discounts

If you’re looking to save cash on your next visit to Six Flags, you may want to take advantage of their special offers and discounts. Whether you’re a frequent visitor or going for the first time, plenty of options can help make your trip more affordable. You can find early-bird discounts, group rates, and student discounts. 

If you’re an annual pass holder, even more savings are available. Pass holders get access to exclusive events and experiences throughout the year and additional discounts when shopping in the parks. Many locations offer discounted tickets for family members and friends so everyone can enjoy the park together without breaking the bank. 

Season passes are another great way to save money if you visit multiple times throughout the year. With a season pass, you’ll get unlimited admission during regular park hours, plus special perks such as free parking, early entry and discounts on food and merchandise. 

In addition to these discounts, most Six Flags locations also offer a variety of other promotions throughout the year. These promotions could include free tickets with the purchase of select items or local restaurant deals offering free admission with specific meals. Check out their website before planning your visit so you don’t miss out on any great offers!

How to Enjoy Your Visit at Six Flags

Visiting a Six Flags amusement park is a great way to enjoy some thrills and excitement with friends and family. To get the most out of your visit, there are several things you can do to ensure you’re having the time of your life. 

First, take advantage of all that Six Flags has to offer. This includes rides, shows, attractions, dining options and shopping. Spend some time exploring all the different attractions, so you don’t miss out on anything fun! 

Next, learn all about the rides before getting on them. Check each ride’s posted height and weight requirements to know what kind of experience you’ll get into. Additionally, read up on safety tips for each ride so that you’re well-prepared for the adventure ahead! 

It’s also important to wear comfortable shoes and clothing, as some of these rides can be quite intense! Be sure to dress appropriately for any inclement weather and bring an extra layer if necessary, as it can get chilly in certain areas of the park. 

Finally, don’t forget to take advantage of all the fun features offered at Six Flags, such as virtual reality experiences or interactive games. There’s something for everyone at Six Flags, so check out all the exciting activities available!

Planning Your Trip to Six Flags

Planning your trip to Six Flags is important to ensure you have a great time while visiting. Before making any plans, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the different options available. Knowing what is available can help you determine which attractions are right for you and your family. 

First, research the parks in your area that offer a Six Flags season pass or membership. Many parks offer these discounted memberships that can significantly reduce admission costs for multiple visits throughout the year. Also, keep an eye out for special offers and discounts that Six Flags offers, such as early bird tickets or promotional codes. Taking advantage of these opportunities can save you a lot of money when planning your trip to the park. 

In addition to researching ticket prices, consider other factors such as transportation and accommodation costs. If you’re travelling from out of town, booking flights or accommodations before your visit is often cheaper than waiting until the last minute. You may even be able to save money by taking advantage of packages offered by hotels or airlines that provide discounted rates when booking together with theme park tickets.  

Finally, before leaving home, read up on each ride at Six Flags so you know what to expect during your visit. This will help ensure that everyone has a good time and knows which rides suit their age group. Look into any special events happening at the park during your trip – there’s always something new happening at Six Flags!

Safety Precautions to Take When Visiting Six Flags

Visiting Six Flags is a fun and exciting way to spend time with friends or family. However, it is important to remember that safety should be your priority when planning your trip. Ensure you know the park policies and rules before entering, and wear proper clothing to protect yourself. Follow these safety tips for a safe and enjoyable trip to Six Flags: 

  • Be aware of the height requirements for each ride; some may require that all riders be at least 48 inches tall.
  • Always listen carefully to the instructions staff members give before getting on any rides; they are there to ensure your safety.
  • Only ride one at a time. Never double up. It’s also best not to stand up while riding, especially if you’re not wearing a seatbelt or harness.
  • Pay extra attention when walking around the park; ensure you stay on designated pathways and watch for wet spots on sidewalks or paths that could cause slips or falls.
  • Keep an eye out for other visitors who may not follow park rules, such as running around or pushing other visitors in line. If someone is not following proper safety protocol, report them immediately to park staff or security personnel.
  • Make sure you follow all posted signs within the park; this includes warnings about steep drops, sudden turns, etc., which can increase your chances of injury if ignored.
  • Wear comfortable shoes with good grip, so you don’t slip on wet surfaces or uneven terrain while in the park.

By being aware of these safety precautions and following them closely, you will ensure a fun and safe experience at Six Flags!


It is important to know when Six Flags closes for the season. The parks typically close between September and November, depending on the location, but some may remain open longer due to weather and other factors. Keeping this in mind can help you plan and make sure that you can enjoy all of the fun attractions Six Flags offers while they are still open.

A Six Flags Season is a great way to get the most out of your visit. It offers a variety of benefits, such as discounts on admission prices and freebies, as well as special offers that can save you money. Planning is key when preparing to visit Six Flags so you can take advantage of the best deals and experiences. Additionally, it’s important to practice safety precautions when visiting any theme park like Six Flags to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone. With careful planning and mindful decisions, your day at Six Flags will surely be unforgettable!

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