How to Play Spikeball: Official Rules to Follow

In this post, we explore how to play Spikeball and some rules to follow. Learn about this fun, competitive game that you can enjoy outdoors.

Spending your time outdoors with the family is fun, and there’s no better way to do this than playing the fame of Spikeball.

The sport has become popular over the years, and it’s no longer just a casual game, but a competitive sport as well. It’s a perfect game to energize your beach putting, cookout, or your next tailgate.

Below is everything you need to know on how to play Spikeball.

What is Spikeball?

What is Spikeball

Spikeball is an American sports game that combines foursquare and volleyball. It involves four players with two teams. However, some versions of the game allow six players, with three on each time. The six-player version works with the Spikeball XL set.

The game has some similarities to volleyball. It’s easy to understand the guidelines and play the sport. You can carry it and enjoy playing with your friends or family on vacation.

Unlike other games, Spikeball is affordable. With fifteen dollars, you can enjoy the game without any issues.

You can now find Spikeball tournaments all over the country as the game is fast becoming a favorite.

Is There a Difference between Spikeball and Spikeball Pro

Spikeball Pro and Spikeball are two different versions. However, they are of a similar size, and players play similarly.

The difference with the Pro set is that it comes with a 30% stronger frame, non-skid pads on the legs, inverted color scheme, texture balls, and a carrying backpack.

History of Spikeball

History of Spikeball

Spikeball started in the 80s but failed to garner mass adoption. In 2004, Chris Ruder went on a trip with his brother and friends. He bought a Spikeball set and found the game addictive.

As the team played around the beach, people kept asking the name of the game, how it’s played, and where one could purchase the set.

With time, they realized the market was ready for Spikeball. However, they didn’t have an idea of what products to introduce or the basics of starting a company. Later, Chis talked to a lawyer to avoid patent infringement.

They later decided to start at $100,000. In 2008, Chris launched and made quite some sales. He realized that most customers were kids, PE teachers, and Frisbee players. With time, the company has grown to make million-dollar sales.

Spikeball Equipment

The game uses a yellow-colored plastic bouncy ball that is light and a bit larger than a softball. Its 12” in circumference. The set has a measuring device that ensures that you inflate the ball correctly. Also, the net looks like a tiny trampoline that is raised off the ground.

Note that the net has some tension which should be consistent all around. You can adjust the pressure by pulling the net tightly. You can test the net’s set up by dropping the ball from five fear high into the net’s center. If the ball bounces back up one foot, this indicates that the net is working correctly.

Essential Terms in Spikeball

Essential Terms in Spikeball

Some of the terms you may come across in Spikeball include

  • Near net serve
  • Rim shot
  • Roll up

Near net serve refers to when you hit the ball into the server’s side of the net and gets no bounce. It’s a legal serve, but you shouldn’t let the ball roll across the net.

A rim shot happens when the ball is hit directly into the rim, and not the net. The play stops when the ball hits the rim, and the opposing team gets the point.

A pocket or roll up happens when the ball gets in contact with the net and goes to roll up into the rim. When this occurs during a serve, it’s a fault, and the serving team needs to serve again. If a pocket or roll up occurs during regular play, the game continues.

Setting up Spikeball

Clip the net around the rims of the frame to set up the Spikeball equipment. You can make adjustments by pulling around any loose areas. Ensure that the net is tight for the ball to bounce 12 inches when it drops from 3ft. above.

How to Play Spikeball?

Ready to learn how to play spikeball? A game of rock, paper, and scissors determines who begins the game. The winning team serves the ball by hitting it a center net.

Both teams have up to three hits before quashing the ball for the other playing team. The same goes on until a team makes a mistake.

You score points on every service play. Another point to note is that scoring is rally one and there are no outs in Spikeball. Substitutions are made when there’s an injury or in between games.

Furthermore, you score points after each rally format. The receiving and winning teams get to earn points. The team with a high score wins the game is the game has some minutes left until the final buzzer.

You win a game by scoring eleven points and win by two points to win the match. The game goes in until the team gets two points above the opposing team, or if the team gets thirteen points with a single-point advantage.

Spikeball Official Rules

The game has specific rules you need to follow like:

Spikeball Official Rules

Spikeball Setup Rules

You need to follow some guidelines for the game to commence. Some of them include:

  • The ball needs to be 12” in circumference
  • Consistent tension of the Spikeball net
  • The team is decided through scissors, paper, and rock
  • Players not receiving the ball should be 6ft. from the net before the winning team serves
  • The players are free to move anywhere after serving the ball
  • A team gives up possession when the ball touches the net
  • The sides can switch sides halfway through the game if the sun interferes with the players’ ability to play

You can play the game on the grass or sand. If you decide to play the game on the grass, one team has to be barefoot, and the other needs to have cleats. A game of scissors, paper, and rock will be played. For example, if the winning team is barefoot, the team with cleats will have to remove them. Also, if the cleats team win the game of rocks, the team will need to wear shoes.

Spikeball Rules for Contact

You need to follow specific rules for contacting the ball. For example, contact with the ball must change between the team members. You’re not allowed to lift, throw, or get the shot. The ball is hit, but it mustn’t be hit with both hands at the same time.

Players can knock the ball with any of their body parts. However, you cannot contact the ball twice before returning it to the opposing team. There needs to be a replay if the two sides can’t determine if the ball hit the rim.

There’s the need to have a bounce if the ball hits the net. Also, the ball needs to clear the rim for the play to be successful.

Spikeball Violations

A few infractions can happen during the play. For example, when a defensive team member gets into the opposing team’s way, the blocked player calls hinder, which necessitates a replay. The game continues if the offensive team player doesn’t call hinder.

Points are lost when a receiving team player hits his teammate with the ball. Also, if receiving team player hits the ball off the net and makes contact with the ball, his team loses a point.

Players need to wait until it’s their turn to contact the ball. If a player touch the ball, and it’s not his turn, the team loses a point.

Final Thoughts

We hope that with this information, you now have an idea of how to play Spikeball. You can practice this game with your friends and family to understand the game better. There are tutorials to help you set up the game.

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