FREE DAY Thursday, January 25, 2018!

The Wilderness Tabernacle

The Wilderness Tabernacle is the blueprint for God’s plan for redemption, which is ultimately fulfilled through Jesus Christ. Guests will be greeted by one of our teachers, who will then introduce Aaron the High Priest. The significance of the Wilderness Tabernacle and the traditions surrounding it will be explained and as well as how every inch of the Tabernacle, from the materials of the outer walls to the Ark of the Covenant itself, cries out in testimony of Jesus the Savior.

When The Holy Land Experience first opened in 2001, one of the original exhibits in the park was the Wilderness Tabernacle reenactment. Guests in the park could learn about the sacrificial system, items in the Tabernacle, and the Ark of the Covenant.

When the Trinity Broadcasting Network bought the park in 2007, it wasn't long before the exhibit underwent a renovation. The room was expanded to accommodate a larger audience, and new replicas were added to enhance the guests' experience. Over the last few weeks the Wilderness Tabernacle at the Holy Land Experience has been getting another makeover - but this time to the presentation itself. Our teachers have created a new experience for our guests, incorporating some of the oldest truths in the world.

Come experience the mystery and wonder of God as the Sh’kenah glory of God is revealed and the saving message of his Son is made plain for all to see.