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More Shows, New Heroes, Same Inspiration!

Join us in 2020 for a multitude of spectacular shows and experiences for the entire family! For the first time, the park will feature more major productions throughout the year with each season offering the perfect time for you to take a journey back in history.

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JANUARY 7 - MARCH 14, 2020

The Empire and The Kingdom tells the story of the aging apostle Peter and the first followers of Jesus in Rome. As the believers are persecuted and imprisoned for their faith, and facing execution by the Emperor, Peter is able to lift their hope, as he shares the promises of God from the Scriptures and from his own life with the Master. 

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MARCH 17 - JULY 25, 2020

Esther: The Queen of Persia, the newest theatrical production from the Holy Land Experience, brings fresh excitement and color to the timeless Old Testament story of the Jewish girl who becomes a celebrated queen. In this unforgettable musical drama, the once beautiful young woman who trusted God to save her Jewish kinsmen from annihilation is now an elderly woman and years past the influence she once held as the Persian queen. As this moving story unfolds, God calls upon the seasoned Esther to once more look to Him as destructive powers again surround the Jewish people and block their hopes of a return to Jerusalem and God’s promises.


Reflecting back on her life as a young girl, her miraculous path to the Persian throne, and her faith in God as queen at a crucial moment in history, the elderly Esther gains the courage to trust anew in the God of Israel. As she does she finds herself advising the King’s young Jewish cupbearer, Nehemiah, and in the process helps breathe new life into the fading dream of the Jewish people to return to their homeland and rebuild their beloved Jerusalem, even as they long for the promised coming of their anointed King, the Messiah.

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JULY 28 - NOVEMBER 14, 2020

In David: The King of Jerusalem, we first meet David as a rejected shepherd boy in Bethlehem. He develops a friendship with God that later will guide him through troubled times. When his own son rises up to kill him and take the throne, he needs to secure his legacy by choosing his successor. The quiet voice of God in his heart guides him on a journey to understand why he was chosen, and that he truly is a man after God’s own heart. 

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The Heart of Christmas is the story of Ruth, who escapes World War II and finds a new home and family in America. She learns about Christmas for the first time, as her new grandmother reads to her the story, The Servant King. In this tale, Zargon, a wise prince of Persia, discovers a sign in the stars, heralding the coming of a great king, and sets out on a quest to find Him.

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The Scriptorium

The Jerusalem Model

The Great Temple

The Smile of A Child

This museum is a factual library/research center, that houses priceless collections of many artifacts from different ethnic backgrounds and denominations such as the priceless Van Kampen Collection consisting of several thousand manuscripts, scrolls, and other religious artifacts.

Jerusalem! The very name stirs emotions and concepts of an eternal nature. No wonder it is often referred to as the “Eternal City”. Visit our model, the largest indoor replica in the world, and see where Jesus walked, ministered, healed, and performed other miracles.

All this grandeur majestically frames the imposing Great Temple, the place held in highest reverence among the Jewish people. It is a truly breathtaking representation of the Temple that once stood on hallowed Mount Moriah in 1st century Jerusalem.

The Smile of a Child Adventure Land is a place that’s fun for all ages. Where kids can have their faces painted; burn energy on the rock-climbing wall, try our brand new Trin-i-Tee Mini Golf and much, much more! Little ones can also play and enjoy special crafts inside the Smile of a Child Theatre.

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