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The Holy Land Experience is a living, biblical museum and park that brings the world of the Bible to life!

It combines the sights and sounds of the biblical world in a unique and interactive way, unlike any other location! To appreciate the many things there are to do at The Holy Land Experience, you will want to plan to spend one to two full days with us.

Click on the larger dots on the map below in order to explore all there is to see at The Holy Land Experience.

Garden of Eden: Recreation of the garden described in Genesis.
Bethlehem Bus Loop: Area stations of Bethlehem village.
Shepherd's Field: Recreation of the angels telling of Jesus' birth.
Face of Jesus Statue: Jesus watches over you wherever you go.
Main entrance/City Gate: Pass beneath the stone arch modeled after the Damascus and Jaffa Gates of Jerusalem.
Guest Services: Located near the City Gate, accessible from both inside and outside the facility.
Ticket Windows: Buy individual tickets here.
Coffee Shop: A gourmet coffee shop with milk shakes and sweet treats -- some directly from Israel!
Jerusalem Street Market: Browse the Middle Eastern marketplace, see the city well, and interact with Jerusalem’s own street merchants.
The Old Scroll Shop: Experience first century shopping.
Smile of a Child Adventure Theatre: Movies and toys for young travelers.
Smile of a Child Adventure Land: Tackle a kid-friendly, rockclimbing wall, enjoy a laugh at the interactive presentations and visit Jonah in the belly of the whale.
Wilderness Tabernacle: Behold the High Priest as he takes you on a journey through Israel’s ancient priesthood, culminating with the glory of God revealed above the Ark of the Covenant. 30-minute presentations.
Garden of Gethsemane: Come rest awhile in the beautiful replica of the prayer gardens in Israel.
Holy Communion with Jesus: Re-enactment of the last supper in the upper room
Dead Sea Qumran Caves: Replica of the desert caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. Inside the caves guests may partake in the Last Supper Communion with Jesus and His disciples.
Tiny Town of Bethlehem: Model of the town of Bethlehem.
Birth Place of Jesus: Replica of the birth place in Bethlehem where Jesus was born.
Whipping Post: Recreation of the place Pilate had Jesus scourged.
The Judean Village: Outdoor vignette stage for dramas and musicals.
Calvary's Garden Tomb: Visit the replica of the garden tomb where Jesus’ body was laid to rest before His glorious resurrection. Spend time reflecting, praying and enjoying our live presentations.
Pilate's Judgement Hall: Re-enactment of Jesus' appearance before Pontius Pilate
Centurion Treats: The Centurion’s favorite seasonal treats.
Esther's Banquet Hall: Feast on delicious meals in an authentic atmosphere.
The Jesus Boat: Replica of a boat found in the Sea of Galilee, dating back to the time of Christ.
Temple Plaza: Soaring six stories high, the gleaming white and gold temple, which was the center of Jerusalem’s religious life, serves as a backdrop for the Temple Plaza. Hosts live musicals, presentations, and events.
Theater of Life: Home to a variety of TBN Family Movies. See Daily Schedule for times.
Royal Portico: Refreshments, turkey legs, and ice cream.
Christus Gardens: Take a devotional walk through the birth, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Jerusalem Model A.D. 66: The world’s largest indoor model of Jerusalem. Presentations explain the city’s landmarks and Christ’s final days in Jerusalem. 30-minute presentations, see Daily Schedule for times.
House of Judea: Our cool and refreshing, state-of-the-art venue for dramas, musicals, and presentations.
The Shofar Shop: Fine and distinctive gifts.
Bethlehem Bell Tower: Replica of the bell tower at the Church of the Nativity in Israel.
Church of All Nations: 2000-seat auditorium - live presentations, Baptisms and more.
Cardo Walk: Observation deck area off the Church of all Nations.
The Scriptorium: Take the incredible journey through history of how we got the Bible. See the authentic, and ancient artifacts from around the world! Continuous 55-minute automated tours begin every 7 minutes. For operating hours, see Daily Schedule.
Ex Libris Book Shoppe: Bibles, books, and more.
Living Word Prayer Gardens: Prayer garden for intercession and healing. Rest and receive God’s promises.
He is Risen: Natural living hedge recreation of Matthew 28:6.
Simeon's Corner: Hot dogs, corn dogs, nachos and refreshments
Crystal Living Waters: See the new world-class dancing waters presentation.
Tour Bus Gate: Exit for guests to tour buses.

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